Reflections about the Wroclaw International Workshop on Campus Sustainability


  • David Slim Zepeda Quintana Universidad de Sonora
  • Luis Eduardo Velazquez Contreras Universidad de Sonora



Sustainability, Sustainable Developmente, Fragility


Over the last decades, Sustainable Development (SD) has been a focal point in a large number of international political and academic settings. In order to encourage this change, education needs to evolve into an education committed with the sustainability, particularly higher education (Lambrechts, et al. 2013). This paper aims to describe experiences and remarks regarding The International Workshop on Campus Sustainability held on Wroclaw, Poland on May 2016. The objective of this workshop was identify fragilities and weaknesses in higher education institutions, which can lead to irreversible loses. As a follow-up, in June of 2016, a replication workshop was held in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico with the objective of exploring new outcomes and gain more knowledge in identifying fragilities and weaknesses in higher education institutions. As a result, it is intended to create a new set of indicators of fragility that contribute in our path towards SD.

Author Biography

Luis Eduardo Velazquez Contreras, Universidad de Sonora

Senior Proffessor

Graduate Program of Sustainability

Industrial Engineer Department


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