Infringement of consumers’ collective interest – the case of “insurance–deposits”

  • Marcin Andrzej SŁOWIKOWSKI Wrocław University of Economics, Poland
Keywords: life insurance with a capital fund, consumer law, infringement of the consumers’ collective interests


Aim: The purpose of the paper is to present the legal regulation aimed at protecting consumers and demonstrate how legal norms influences the economy. The topic is important because of the increasing scale of controversial practices concerning the insurance-depots.

Design / Research methods: This issue is examined using the review of legal acts and judgments regarding col-lective violations of consumer interests related to life insurance with a capital fund offered on the Polish market, as well as literature review.

Conclusions / findings: The aim of the paper is to assess the scope of negative consequences of such financial products. The paper is another voice in the discussion on loses from “insurance-depots” and might bring value added to their stakeholders, in particular banks and former clients.

 Originality / value of the article: The research applies suggestion for further quantitative models concerning the topic.


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